Natural Beauty – Naturist Women vs Mother Nature

Guest Website By: Anon
Everybody is blogging these days, and so I decided to join the trend and offer you my ideas on a matter which is dear to me: naturist girls. (I sign it as Anonymous because I don’t need to lose any of my naturist girls buddies!)
Dear Naturist Women:
I wish you’d leave nature alone.
Mother Nature is such an amazing artist! Each human body is in balance with regard to size, shape and colour. No two women’s bodies are exactly the same, but each is delightful and is precisely what it is supposed to be – when it is left alone (!). Change just one thing, and the whole doesn’t work.
It’s about the entire appearance being in equilibrium. If you wear clothing with bright, strong colors, you might compensate by using pronounced make-up or your face will be lost. But look what occurs when a naked woman wears make up: her face appears plastic, counterfeit, and the remainder of her body appears washed out. It just seems .
Dear Made-up Naked Girl, please wash your face so your appearance will be in balance. You’ll look better that way. to hair. Some tinting is going to happen, but please approximate Mother Nature’s schedule and palette.
A natural, nude older woman is amazing, but she is unbalanced if her hair tries to look twenty-five.
You’re Naturally Amazing!
And, at any age, there’s the issue of general color balance: there is the woman whose skin tone tells you that she did not used to be the red-head she is now, and there is the darker-skinned blonde.
It does not work. They’re unbalanced. They are not as lovely as they were intended to be.
Natural Naturist Girls
About pubes: Graphics from naturist magazines of past years reveal women with pubic hair. More recent pictures show most of the women shaved, and the visual equilibrium with the remaining part of the body is distressed. OK – if you wear a bikini sometimes, it seems sensible to trim around it.
But please do not over do it. Please leave enough to seem natural. Would you believe pubes are horrible? I don’t, and I believe Barbie is boring.
Now for jewelry and tattoos. (This is a biggie.) I’ve never seen a nude body part (or a whole naked woman) that appeared better because of a piece of jewelry or a tat. I understand the allure of body decoration. It can be fun. The piece of jewelry or the tat can be unusual and intriguing. It can be pretty. It can make a statement. It can qualify you as an associate of a group. I get all that.
Pubic Hair Image In The Bare to Bush Interview
If this’s what you desire, go for it I don’t expect you to care what I prefer to see. But take note that that tat or that piece of jewelry attracts attention only to itself – and by attracting attention to itself it unbalances the way Nature intended you to be seen.
You might want to make sure that you look different from everyone else, but you needn’t do anything for that – you’re wonderfully different anyhow.
Body Positive Pubic Hair Naturial Beauty Art
You might need the ornamentation to draw focus from a different body part that you don’t enjoy, but that just diminishes the whole amazing you.
I might think, Oh, she’s gotten a nipple ring (or a tattoo, or jewelry, anywhere); but I would not believe, Gee, that nipple ring actually makes her look great!. It doesn’t. As parts of your whole body, your nipples really are finer just as they are.
This treatise lacks sex equilibrium (duh), so please understand that I only do not care what men look like. I do not anticipate anyone to do anything (or not) based on what I prefer to see, and I don’t necessarily expect anyone to agree with me (although I guess a good many will). These are only one naturist guy’s views.

September 2012
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